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Being honest is better in internet dating

Why lying has no place when dating online

In the field of online dating, people always want to portray themselves in a positive way. On the one hand, we state all the positive attributes of our nature and on the other hand, we deliberately keep out the unpleasant aspects of our nature. It cannot be denied that at some point we have all stated some untruths related with some aspect of our nature during the course of our online chats. This is not acceptable, but then we cannot escape from it, either.

Certain lies are invented by us to protect the true nature of our identities. This enables us to assume fake identities and we mislead others into believing that we are a particular type of person, which in reality we are not. The internet supports the disguise of identities and provides a cloak over the true identities of people. Depending on this, lies can either cause irreparable damage or they cannot be determined at all.

Some lies are not meant to deceive people but only serve as a means to disguise what you actually are. For instance, there are youngsters who do not wish to appear inexperienced and thus portray themselves as having more experience than they actually possess.

There are some lies that cause irreparable damage to a relationship. There are people who are not single any more but they state that their status is still available so that they can get better dates. There are people who lie about their age, stating that they are younger than they actually are. There are people who even lie about their sex and claim to be a female when they are actually males. This is one of the major problems that one can face with internet dating as the internet provides a cover of anonymity that disguises their true self.

Lying is one of the worst things that you can possibly do if you wish to secure a good relationship with your future partner. Lying will help you only at the onset, but when you actually plan to meet face-to-face, what good will it do then? You will either have to confess or cancel the date altogether and in that case; you might be deprived of a chance to meet the person who could have been your future partner.

Internet dating enables you to chat with a person and later on, meet that person if things happen to click. It is better to be truthful from the very beginning as lies will not get you far in a prospective relationship. Moreover, the element of truth has a far greater power than lies and it will lead to an ugly episode if, by chance, the person at the other end happens to check your credentials.

No one is perfect and this is a fact that is better accepted than negated. Don’t we all wish at some point that we were better looking or more intelligent or more talented than we actually are? It is one thing to state small untruths but another to lie intentionally. Just accept yourself the way you are and tell the truth. Learn to love yourself with all your imperfections and very soon, you will see that your ideal match will also love you for what you are, with your imperfections.

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