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The First Real Date

Dating someone you met online? Don't be nervous

Meeting someone for the first time means that you have decided to take the internet relationship to the next level. It is natural that you should be a little apprehensive about meeting your date after all; the person you are going to meet was till a while ago, a faceless entity. There are a few things that have to be taken into consideration to ensure that your first meeting with your potential partner progresses without any obstacles.

It is advisable not to expect too much from the person whom you are going to meet. If your levels of expectations are sky-high, it will be quite difficult for an ordinary person to meet them. Remember that the person might turn out to be quite different from what they had appeared to be online. That person might look different, sound different and, more importantly, not turn out to be quite what you had initially expected. Don’t have any expectations, just go with the flow and you might be pleasantly surprised.

When you are going to meet someone for the very first time, it is always advisable to remember that appearances matter. Try to dress up as well as you can, but don’t overdo it. Moreover, don’t let your nervousness come in the way of your meeting. It is true that initially you will have goose bumps and will feel sweaty at the prospect of the meeting. But first impressions leave a lasting impression and try to see that your nervousness does not leave a negative impression. It might be helpful to think that the person at the other end might be having similar apprehensions about this meeting, so just relax!

It is always advisable that you should be safe and not sorry, so do remember to take adequate precautions before venturing into the first meeting. It is better to inform someone like a close friend or relative as to your whereabouts. This is for your security as you do not have any idea as to the kind of person that you might eventually meet.

A proper way of addressing the other person could prove useful in lessening your nervousness. How you address the other person would depend on how long you have chatted with that person and on the comfort level that you share with him. If the person that you are about to meet is quite formal, then it would be advisable to share a cordial but formal greeting with him. If you are meeting with an informal person, then you can be more relaxed and at ease.

It is inevitable that you should be nervous before your first internet date with your preferred online match. Anxiety is a part and parcel of any online meeting. Nervousness is a natural and instinctive feeling but don’t let it ruin your date. It is up to you to overcome your nervousness and to meet the person who could be your ideal partner in the near future.

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